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Introducing New Tech to Real Estate Customer Journey

Customer journey. Something that all of us take part in each day unwittingly. As we interact with a company, product or service, we go through a customer journey. Designed specifically for the particular industry, it includes every single step that a customer can make leading up to the purchase, as well as what comes afterwards. Such a journey can be quite tricky to predict, especially in real estate. However, there are tools that can help prepare a path that a customer will surely follow.

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How to stay on top on British competitive real estate market

Brexit doesn’t leave anyone behind, and British real estate market is no exception. Businesses from all industries lost their footing there for a moment. 2018 won’t possibly be any different for that matter with more muted price rises and even some downturns. However, as the conditions of the divorce between UK and EU gain on clarity throughout the year, it will put some spark into the economy.

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