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What Happens When You Add a VR Content to Your Listing

It goes without saying that modern consumers are used to being provided with on-demand, immersive experiences with products. There is no reason why the real estate industry should lag behind. Especially when we already know that visual content can help a lot when it comes to the attractiveness of property listings.

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How to Make the Most of VR Content for Your Listing

Today, VR technologies are more widespread, accessible, and user-friendly than ever. More and more real estate professionals use digital marketing tools and visualization technologies. Mainly because they provide a variety of materials like VR content that help to present properties realistically. With such content, agents and developers not only boost the attractiveness of their listings and improve the online discovery process but also build trusting relationships with customers.

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Implementing VR Technologies in Marketing: Key Do’s and Don’ts

VR is a buzzword in real estate today. It’s also a clear trend for the future: in 2020, 130k real estate agents are predicted to use VR technologies for showing properties, with an annual spending of $5,000 expected to grow by 10% each year. But as the field develops rapidly and many new products are released every year, some of the visualization technologies may be of poor quality.

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