As Bisnow reports, the launch of Oculus Rift started another technological revolution. There is a new industry focused on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology and VR headsets. The VR and AR companies provide the real estate developers with the right tools to show their properties and upcoming investments.

Below are 7 VR and AR companies that Bisnow listed as the ones that will make a change in real estate.

AR Pandora New York and IstanbulTheir main product is their ARchitecture platform, which creates a portable, interactive AR model of a property that can be inspected on different floors and at different times of the day. The company has a similar platform specifically for furniture, allowing you to see how a couch or table will fit in a room.
FlooredNew YorkUses 3D modeling to create a 3D property model that can be explored using the Oculus Rift and can help develop, market and analyze upcoming projects to investors.
ArcestraToronto, CABesides the advanced commercial real estate advertising campaigns, Arcestra also experiments with immersive 3D videos and models that landlords and brokers navigate freely in real time with potential tenants.
MatterportMountain View, CASells a Pro 3D Camera and iPad Capture app that can be used to create a “3D Showcase,” an online, immersive 3D model that buyers can look through and see from every angle.
Trick 3D’s Floorplan RevolutionAtlantaSpecializes in 3D animation and VR, creating virtual worlds and sets using a virtual camera system and live motion tracked camera.
VR GlobalNew York and WroclawTheir applications give those in the commercial, residential, hospitality and mixed-use markets a simple application that provides 2D/3D 360° photos, videos, 3D-rendered models and CGI that can be accessed online, on your mobile device, and in VR and AR environments.
Augmented Pixel’s IntuitHousePalo Alto, CADoes a ton of AR work, but its real estate sales app, intuitHouse, allows agents to use AR to display properties.

Source: Bisnow

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