5 reasons why hospitality industry should invest in VR

Advertising in the Hospitality industry is becoming ever more competitive, and trying to capture your customers’ eye can be a real challenge.  With every resort in the world available with just a few keystrokes, how can you set yourself apart and convince visitors to your site that you’re the place they want to spend their precious vacation time?  The virtual reality is the next development in the field of experiential marketing, a tool that can go beyond mere advertising and transport your customers to the vacation destination of their dreams.

Whisk Customers to Your Far Off Resort Without Leaving Their Home

Throughout the years tourism sites have tried to use any medium available to bring their customers to their vacation spot.  Audio & video helped capture the imagination of buyers, and helped potential visitors see themselves in that place, but ultimately failed to deliver on their potential when it came to the choice of the place to stay while the visitors get there. That’s where Virtual Reality Tours have upped the game.  Utilizing Virtual Reality technology hospitality marketers can bring customers for ‘long distance tours’ that will leave customers feeling like they’ve really been in the rooms and seen the sights your locations have to offer. The “virtual reality visit” can now happen at the stage of booking holiday tickets.


A True Taste of What Your Location Has to Offer

Words are a powerful medium, make no mistake, and photos can speak a thousand words, but none of this compares to actually being there. Virtual Reality gives your customers a chance to really experience what you have to offer.  That view from the window?  They can see it from every angle.  The space in the room?  Photos can be misleading because of angles, but being able to see the room and look around in a panoramic view means they can see it as if they were really there.  Virtual Reality Tours give your potential visitors a way to bring your site out of their dreams and into stunning real life.  

360 photography for Hospitality


Add “Deep Information” That Decision Makers Will Appreciate

Choosing a location for your vacation is about so much more than a room and the hotel.  The local attractions, from restaurants to the arts scene, are all part of what drives travelers to decide where they’re going to spend their leisure time. Traditional ways of presenting your site and the local attractions rely on descriptions and what information photos can portray.  Through the medium of virtual reality, you can add layers of information and interactivity. Change scenery depending on the season, add ambiance music, include videos or imagery more suitable for your audience or current event. This kind of experience lets the customer greatly increases the buyer’s immersion and brings out what the location has to offer.  


Stay Ahead Of Changing Guest Expectations

Let’s face it, the digital revolution is still happening, and every day customers are demanding more and more from their web shopping experience.  This trend is increasingly true for those looking for their next great vacation.  No more is the simple site with pictures and elaborate descriptions of your vacation spot going to be enough to entice them.  Customers want to be transported to your site, to not just see but experience what it has to offer before they settle on making your destination their next stop.  Virtual Reality Tours are quickly becoming an experience that customers won’t just enjoy but will demand as the world becomes ever more connected.  Jumping on the VR bandwagon ensures that you’ll be ahead of the game as it quickly grows to become the industry standard. Existing VR solutions allow you to easily add VR to your existing digital marketing channels. Why let yourself have to play catch-up?  Get started in 2017 and you’ll be setting the standard for the future of Tourism.

VR Experience

Get The Marketing Advantage

With this technology getting into the hands of more and more customers and industries every day, those who are investing early are finding themselves squarely in command of a solid marketing advantage.  Hilton brand is are already taking this important step. By placing Samsung Gear 360 virtual reality cameras in the hands of its guests, Hilton promoted themselves as a brand facilitating a richer experience. This marketing campaign has been a driving force behind an increase in direct bookings. Traditional marketing is often unfit for the modern audience, so takethe  initiative and give your Hospitality advertising the edge you need to be the go-to choice of vacationers everywhere


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